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   The general information and security measures
   Checks and adjustments of a pedal of a foot brake
   Check of the lever of a lay brake
   Check of serviceability of functioning of the vacuum amplifier of brakes
   Check differential перепускного the pressure valve-regulator (model without ABS and EBD)
   Removal and installation of a pedal of a foot brake
   Removal, service and installation of the main brake cylinder
   Removal and installation of assemblage of the vacuum amplifier of brakes
   Estimation of degree of deterioration, replacement колодок disk brake mechanisms of forward wheels
   Dismantling of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel, estimation of a condition of a disk
   Removal and installation of flexible brake hoses of a hydraulic path of brake mechanisms of forward wheels
   Service of drum-type brake mechanisms of back wheels
   Removal and installation of the lever of a lay brake, adjustment приводного a cable
   Prorolling of brakes
   Reading of codes of malfunctions ABS/EBD, clearing of memory of the processor
   Removal and installation of hydraulic and electronic blocks of management ABS/EBD
   Removal, check installation of wheel gauges ABS
   Replacement of rotors of gauges ABS of forward wheels
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Kia Sportage>> Brake system>> Service of drum-type brake mechanisms of back wheels

Service of drum-type brake mechanisms of back wheels

For rubbing of components of brake mechanisms it is necessary to use special means, or methyl spirit, - at all do not apply solvents on an oil basis!

Design of the drum-type brake mechanism of a back wheel

1 — the Nut
2 — the Brake drum
3 — the Spring of the adjusting lever
4 — the Adjusting lever
5 — the Top coupling spring
6 — Adjusting разжимная a lath
7 — the Directing spring of a brake boot

8 — the Bottom coupling spring
9 — the Forward boot
10 — the Bolt with the S-shaped washer
11 — the Back boot
12 — the Cable of a drive of a lay brake
13 — the Executive lever of a drive of a lay brake
14 — the Bolt
15 — Assemblage of the wheel cylinder



    Turn away a nut of fastening of a brake drum to a semiaxis flange.
    Screw-driver rotating a regulator through a service aperture, take away boots from drum walls, then turn out the fixing screw and remove a drum.
    By means of nippers remove a spring of the adjusting lever.
    Remove the adjusting lever.
    Remove the top coupling spring.
    Having turned clockwise a regulator разжимной laths, remove last.
    Develop анкерный a finger in parallel a flute and remove directing springs of boots.
    Remove the bottom coupling spring.
    By means of nippers disconnect приводной a cable from the executive lever of a lay brake.
    Disconnect a hydraulic hose from the back party of a brake board, then turn out pair of fixing bolts and remove the wheel cylinder.
    In case of need disassemble the wheel cylinder on components (two пыльника, two pistons, two piston cups, разжимная a spring).

Estimation of a condition of components


    Carefully smooth out all removed components and attentively study their general condition. Defective details replace.
    Define degree of deterioration of frictional overlays of boots, in case of need make replacement.

It is necessary to replace boots in the complete set for both wheels of a back axis!

    Check up a working surface of drums on presence of signs of an overheat, cracks, задиров and other mechanical damages. Insignificant defects can be eliminated by processing by a fine-grained emery paper, or a frictional surface of an old brake boot. In case of revealing of deep damages give drums in проточку (within an admissible range), or make their replacement.



    According to instructions grease working elements of the wheel cylinder and make assemblage of the last.
    Assemblage is made in an order, the return to an order of dismantle of components, - track, that the lever of automatic adjustment nestled in the correct image on a regulator cogwheel. Do not forget to grease a point of fastening of springs, track observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head Brake system to efforts of a tightening of carving fixture.
    Before installation to the place of a drum measure external diameter of assemblage of the boots planted on a brake board, then measure internal diameter of a drum. By subtraction of result of the first measurement from result of the second define size люфта landings of boots, - the result of calculation should not fall outside the limits an admissible range.