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Kia Sportage>> Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission


The general data

Type of automatic transmission 4-step (including raising transfer) company Aisin Warner manufactures
Designation AW372LE
Type of system of greasing Pressure head with the oil pump
Type of system of cooling Two-level, with the additional heat exchanger
The hydrotransformer (the rotation converter)
3-element, 1-step, 2-phase, with the blocking mechanism
    Transfer relation Stall-Test
The oil pump
Трохоидный роторный
From the engine
The gear change mechanism
1-step with a planetary reducer, 4 forward transfers, 1 back
    Positions of the lever of the selector
The Section of Feature of operation of the cars equipped каталитическим with the converter in the Head Controls and receptions of operation see
    Management elements
      Multidisk friction clutches of damp type
3 complete sets
    Multidisk brakes of damp type
4 complete sets
    Обгонные муфты
3 complete sets
    Transfer relations
      1st transfer
      2nd transfer
      3rd transfer
      4th transfer
      Reverse gear
Turns Stall-Test, mines-1 2000 2300
Distribution of the main pressure to single turns and at check Stall-Test The Section of System of an electric equipment of the engine see

Codes of diagnostics of system of electronic control by the automatic transmission, taken by means of scanner OBD II


The codes highlighted by a control lamp

Infringement source

Р0722 55 Absence of target signal VSS
Р0743 63 Malfunction in a chain э/м the valve of blocking of the hydrotransformer
Р0753 60 Malfunction in a chain э/м the valve-switch And
Р0758 61 Malfunction in a chain э/м the valve-switch In
Р1121 12 Infringement of signal transmission TPS from ECM to TCM
Р1500 6 Malfunction in chain VSS

Principle высвечивания codes of malfunctions control lamp HOLD

And: 1.2 with, In: 1.6 with, With: 0.4 with, D: 4.0 with

Efforts of a tightening of carving connections, Nanometer

Efforts of a tightening of separate elements of fixture can be resulted directly in the text of sections where they are allocated by a bold type.

Bolt of fastening of the gauge-switch of position of transmission (PNP) 3.9 6.9
Заглушка the service union of check of the main pressure 14.7 17.6
Bolts of fastening of transmission to a distributing box 44
Bolts of fastening of transmission to the engine
57 81
69 88
Bolts of a support of a suspension bracket of the power unit 69 88
Bolts of fastening of a basic cross-section beam to a frame 31 46
Shtutsernye nuts of fastening of tubes of a path of cooling ATF
    From outside transmissions
31 47
    From outside a radiator
24 35
Basic arm of lines of a path of cooling ATF 0.39 0.58
Bolts of fastening of pump assemblage АТ 6 9
Bolts of fastening of a sealing element of pump assemblage 18 25
Bolts of fastening of sections клапанной assemblages 8 12
Fastening bolts маслоотражателя 5 6
Bolts of fastening of the pallet картера АТ 4 5
Fastening bolts адаптерной covers 27 42
Bolt of a fixing spring of the valve of manual switching 5 6
Bolt of a throttle cam 6 9
Bolts редукционного the valve 5 6
Bolts of plates клапанной assemblages 5 6
Bolts of central support АТ 24 28
Bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer
    Internal ()
27 42
    External ()
48 68
Bolts э/м valves-switches 6 12
Bolt э/м the valve blocking муфты the hydrotransformer 5 6
Nuts of fastening of assemblage of the lever of the selector 18 27
Bolts of fastening of the lever of switching of modes of a distributing box 22 28
Adjusting nut приводного cable АТ 2 3
Adjusting nut of a cable of gas 15.7 22.5
Shpindelnyj bolt of the lever of the selector 11.7 16.7
Screws of fastening of the indicator of position of the lever of the selector 2.0 3.0
The screw of fastening of the handle of the lever of the selector 2.0 3.0