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Kia Sportage>> Current leaving and service>> Check of a central air of air

Check of a central air of air

Air central air is under a high pressure. Do not try to weaken any connections or to remove components of system without its preliminary discharge in the conditions of a specialised workshop. Even after a discharge of system service of its components should be made in goggles!


    For the purpose of a guarantee of serviceability of functioning of a central air of air try regularly, is not more rare than an once in a year to carry out its complex routine inspection:
      Check up a condition of a belt of a drive of compressor K/V (the Section Check of a condition and effort of a tension of belts of a drive of auxiliary units see). At revealing of signs of excessive deterioration or damages it is necessary to replace a belt (the Engine) see the Head; Check up a condition of lines of a refrigerator path, - in case of revealing of cracks, swellings and consolidations replace a defective line. Do not forget to examine also штуцерные connection on presence of signs of development of leaks, - in case of need tighten a corresponding socket/replace a defective line; Examine a surface of the heat exchanger located ahead of a radiator of system of cooling. In case of need clean space between its plates by means of compressed air or a soft brush.

At use of compressed air do not forget to put on goggles!

      Make sure of absence of signs of infringement of passableness of a drainage tube of the evaporator, - at the included conditioner from a tube pure water should exude. For check of passableness of a tube enclose under the evaporator a sheet of paper and include the conditioner, - after a while on sheet there should be water traces.
    Try to activate the conditioner not less often than an once in a month without dependence from environmental conditions, - long non-use К/В can lead to failure of rubber sealing elements. Owing to complexity of a design of system K/V it is necessary to charge performance of procedures of its diagnostics and regenerative repair to experts of car-care centre. Most a plausible reason of decrease in an overall performance of system is the coolant lack, - check up level of gymnastics of system. Warm up the engine to normal working temperature. Translate the handle of a choice of a temperature mode of the control panel of systems of ventilation/heating/air-conditioning of salon (the Section of System of ventilation, heating and an air conditioning in the Head Controls and operation receptions) in extreme left position (maximum хладопроизводительность see). Other handle choose the maximum high-speed mode of functioning of the fan of a heater. Include К/В and make sure of serviceability of activation of the compressor on rotation of the central section муфты its couplings. Feel inlet and final branch pipes of the compressor, - one of them should remain cold, the second - considerably to heat up, otherwise it is necessary to check up coolant level, and if necessary to drive away the car in a specialised workshop.