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Kia Sportage>> Current leaving and service>> Power supply system check, replacement of the fuel filter

Power supply system check, replacement of the fuel filter

Gasoline is extremely inflammable, therefore at work with any components of fuel system it is necessary to accept special safety measures! Do not smoke, and do not come nearer to a place of work with open fire or the redurable not protected by a lamp shade. Do not make such works in the garages equipped with heating devices, working on natural gas (such, as водогреи, dryers, etc.)! The working platform should be ventilated well. At gasoline hit on a skin immediately wash off its water with soap. At carrying out of any works with fuel system put on goggles and hold near at hand the fire extinguisher. In case of a gasoline spillage immediately wipe a pool, but do not hold the rags impregnated with gasoline in places where the risk of its ignition is not excluded!

System check


    At occurrence of a smell of fuel during movement or after the car has stood on the sun, it is necessary to check up a condition of all fuel system immediately. Uncover a fuel tank and check up it on presence of damages and signs of development of corrosion. Estimate a condition of a sealing element of a cover. Defective components replace. Survey lines of giving and fuel return on presence of cracks and deformations. Estimate reliability of a tightening штуцерных connections on a fuel distributive highway and the built in fuel filter.

Before to start service of components of a fuel path do not forget to dump pressure in the power supply system (see the Head of the Power supply system, management of the engine/decrease of toxicity of the fulfilled gases and release of the fulfilled gases)!

    Having hung out the car, examine a fuel tank and its jellied mouth on presence of holes, cracks and other damages. It is necessary to give special attention to a condition of a joint of a mouth with a tank. Sometimes fuel leaks arise owing to easing of collars of fastening of a mouth, or because of rubber ageing of which the mouth is made. Attentively study a condition of elements of fastening of a fuel tank, in case of need make corresponding corrections.

At all do not undertake attempts of independent performance of repair of a fuel tank (excepting replacement of its rubber components), - remember that contact of fuel evaporations containing in a tank to open fire of a gas torch inevitably leads to ignition!

    Carefully check up reliability of a tightening of all штуцерных connections of fuel hoses and the metal lines going from a tank. Make sure of absence of deformations and signs of ageing of materials of flexible hoses. Replace defective components.

Replacement of the fuel filter

Petrol models


    Dump pressure in the power supply system (Power supply systems, managements of the engine/decrease of toxicity of the fulfilled gases and release of the fulfilled gases see). Disconnect electroconducting from the fuel pump.
    Disconnect from the fuel filter gasoline pipe lines, turn out fixing bolts and remove the filter in gathering to a basic arm.
    Liberate the filter from an arm and establish on its place the new. The further installation is made in an order, the return to an order of dismantle of components, - track, that the fixture has been tightened with demanded effort.

Diesel models

Site of the fuel filter in a path of the power supply system of the diesel engine

1— The Cover of a jellied mouth of a fuel tank
2 — the Double-thread control valve
3 — the Transient valve
4 — In atmosphere

5 — the Gauge of a stock of fuel
6 — Atomizers
7, 8 — the Line of return of fuel
9 — ТНВД
10 — the Fuel filter

The fuel filter is included in submitting топливопровод on a site between a fuel tank and ТНВД.

Sediment plums


    Release a drain stopper in the bottom part of a working element of the filter and lower from the filter all sediment, - wait the beginnings вытекания pure fuel. Strongly tighten a stopper and make removal from air filter.

Replacement of a working element


    Disconnect electroconducting from the sediment gauge-detector.
    By means of a suitable key turn out a working element of the filter.
    In case of need remove from the filter the gauge-detector of a sediment and check up serviceability of its functioning by means of an ohmmeter: conductivity between contact plugs of a socket should take place only in the bottom position of a float. The gauge can be rearranged on a replaceable working element.
    Moisten with fuel a sealing ring, screw a working element of the filter in a cover and tighten it manually. Restore initial connection of electroconducting and топливопроводов, - track correctness of connection of hoses.
    Ослабьте a ventilating stopper and, 7-8 times (prior to the beginning of a fuel exit) having rocked upwards-downwards плунжер, fill the filter with fuel, - in the filter should not remain air stoppers.