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   Check of a condition of components of system of release of the fulfilled gases
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   Replacement ATF
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   Check of condition ВВ of electroconducting (petrol models)
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Kia Sportage>> Current leaving and service>> Check of a condition of components of system of release of the fulfilled gases

Check of a condition of components of system of release of the fulfilled gases


    Having waited full cooling of system of release of the fulfilled gases (after not less than three hours after an engine stop), attentively examine all its components, beginning from a flange of fastening of a reception pipe to a final collector, and finishing an exhaust pipe cut. For easy approach maintenance under the car hang out it over the earth, or tyre out on a platform / a viewing hole.

Remember that каталитический the converter (), - depending on a complete set, - can remain разогретым much longer other components of system of release, - be careful!

    Check up sections of system and a place of their joints on presence of signs of development of leaks of the fulfilled gases, traces of corrosion and mechanical damages, make sure of reliability of a tightening of fixture, estimate a condition and reliability of fastening of arms and rubber подвесов system components. Estimate reliability of a tightening of elements of fastening of thermoprotective casings. In case of need make corresponding corrections. Simultaneously examine the vehicle bottom on presence of holes, traces of development of corrosion, a divergence of welded seams and the other damages allowing fulfilled gases to get into salon of the car. Загерметизируйте all found out apertures silicone hermetic or usual кузовной шпатлевкой. The roar and many other extraneous noise during movement often appear a consequence of easing of fixture of components of system of release, or displacement of its sections. Attentively examine corresponding elements, the muffler and каталитический the converter, checking, whether they adjoin to bottom or suspension bracket elements. In case of need replace details of support of a suspension bracket of system. On appearance of a cut of an exhaust pipe it is possible to estimate the general working condition of the engine with high degree of reliability. The consistence and colour covering the end of a pipe of adjournment allow to reveal infringements of adjustments of the engine, - if the pipe is covered black сажистыми by adjournment, or on it the touch of whitish colour, the engine, together with the power supply system was formed, requires adjustment.