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Kia Sportage>> The engine>> Diesel models>> Removal and installation of components of drive ГРМ

Removal and installation of components of drive ГРМ

The given procedure is among those which performance does not demand removal of the engine from the car.

Details of installation of components of drive ГРМ

1 — Dempfer крутильных fluctuations
2 — the Pulley of a cranked shaft
3 — the Right cover of drive ГРМ
4 — the Left cover of drive ГРМ
5 — the Cover of a head of cylinders
6 — the Tension roller with a spring
7 — Gazoraspredelitelnyj a belt

8 — the Cogwheel of drive ТНВД
9 — Gear a wheel of a drive of a camshaft
10 — the Cogwheel of a cranked shaft
11 — the Thermostat
12 — the Basic arm of the fan of system of cooling
13 — the Sealing plate
14 — the Water pump with basic комм the generator


    Remove a belt of drive ГРМ (the Section Check of a condition and replacement of a belt of drive ГРМ in the Head Current leaving and service see).
    For the purpose of prevention of risk of input of valves in contact to pistons at removal of cogwheels develop a cranked shaft so that the adjusting label on its cogwheel was displaced under 45 rather risks on the case of the oil pump.
    Release a bolt of fastening of cogwheel ТНВД, - the wheel can be blocked from проворачивания a way продевания in apertures in its spokes of pair bolts (М8 х 1.25 х 30 40) with вворачиванием their ends in a carving aperture in a basic arm of pump assemblage.
    By means of a special stripper make dismantle of cogwheel ТНВД.
    Uncover heads of cylinders and, keeping a camshaft from проворачивания for specially provided лыски, - try not to damage a key head moulding, - turn out a fixing bolt and, operating in a manner similar described in paragraph 4, remove a cogwheel of drive ГРМ.
    By means of the special adaptation block from поворачивания a flywheel/privodnoj a disk (see an illustration) and remove a cogwheel from a cranked shaft. At installation of components into place track correctness of combination of adjusting labels (the Section Check of a condition and replacement of a belt of drive ГРМ in the Head Current leaving and service see). All fixture tighten with demanded effort.