KIA Sportazh - Kia Sportage
Controls and operation receptions
Current leaving and service
The engine
   Check компрессионного pressure, an estimation of a condition of cylinders
   Check of the engine by means of the vacuum gauge
   Belts of a drive of auxiliary units
   Petrol models
   Diesel models
      Greasing system - the general information
      Removal and engine installation
      Removal and installation of components of drive ГРМ
      Check and adjustment клапанных backlashes
      Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline and final collector
      Service of a head of cylinders and components газораспределительного the mechanism
      Dismantling and assemblage of the block of cylinders, service of components
      Removal and pallet installation картера
      Removal, installation and service of the oil pump
      Removal and installation маслоохладителя
      Removal and flywheel installation
      Removal and installation маслораспылителей
      Replacement of epiploons of a cranked shaft
Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Power supply systems, managements of the engine/decrease of toxicity of the fulfilled gases and release of the fulfilled gases
Systems of an electric equipment of the engine
Five-step manual box of a gear change
Automatic transmission
Transmissionnaja line
Brake system
Suspension bracket and steering
Onboard electric equipment
Control кузовные the sizes
Schemes of electric connections

Kia Sportage>> The engine>> Diesel models>> Removal and installation маслоохладителя

Removal and installation маслоохладителя

Installation details маслоохладителя

1 — Hoses охладительного a path
2 — the Branch pipe маслоохладителя

3 — Masloprovod of the vacuum pump
4 — the Bolt and a nut of fastening of assemblage маслоохладителя with the oil filter
5 — Assemblage маслоохладителя with the oil filter

Design маслоохладителя

1 — the Oil filter
2 — the Heat exchanger

3 — Zaglushka
4 — Reduktsionnyj the valve
5 — Sealing rings


    Disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Empty cooling system (Current leaving and service see the Head). Dismantling components as their numbering, make dismantling маслоохладителя. Installation is made upside-down. Do not forget to replace sealing rings, track correctness of combination of apertures of the heat exchanger with ledges on the filter case. Remember necessity of observance of requirements of Specifications of the Head the Engine to efforts of a tightening of carving fixture.
Track hit of ledges (1) on the case of the oil filter in apertures (2) in the heat exchanger маслоохладителя.