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Kia Sportage>> Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning>> System of cooling of the engine>> Thermostat check

Thermostat check

Check without thermostat removal


    Before removing and checking working capacity of the thermostat, make sure that problems with engine cooling have arisen not owing to falling of level of the heat-carrier, or easing of a belt of drive ГРМ. Check up serviceability of functioning of the indicator on a combination of devices. If the engine insufficiently quickly gets warm to working temperature (according to indicator indications), it is necessary to remove the thermostat (see Has undressed Removal and thermostat installation) and to check up, whether it is jammed in open position, - in case of need make replacement. The variant is not excluded also that the thermostat simply has not been established during performance of last service of the car. Car operation at the removed thermostat is characterised by the raised expense of fuel and excessive concentration of toxic components in the fulfilled gases. At an engine overheat feel the top hose of a radiator, - if the hose is not heated-up, hence the thermostat is jammed in the closed position and the heat-carrier continues to circulate on a small circle, without getting to a radiator. Replace the thermostat. Otherwise it is necessary to consider the other possible reasons of an overheat of the engine (the Section Diagnostics of malfunctions in the Head Introduction in the Management beginning see).

Check with thermostat removal


    Remove the thermostat (see Has undressed Removal and thermostat installation).
    Lower the thermostat on a twine piece in the capacity filled with water, - the thermostat should not concern capacity walls.
    Lower in water the thermometer and start to heat up capacity, observing of behaviour of the main and additional valves of the thermostat. Compare results of measurement to requirements of Specifications of the Head of System of cooling, heating, ventilation and an air conditioning.
    Take the thermostat and allow to it to cool down, - valves should be closed completely. The faulty thermostat is subject to replacement.