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Controls and operation receptions
   The first 1500 km
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   Elements of systems of safety
   The car equipment, arrangement of devices and controls
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   Receptions of operation and auxiliary systems
      Start of the engine and start of motion
      Features of operation of the cars equipped with a manual box of a gear change (Manual transmission)
      Features of operation of the cars equipped with automatic transmission (АТ)
      Principle of functioning of a control system in the speed (темпостата)
      Use of a distributing box
      Features of the driving, the equipped hydraulic booster of a wheel (ГУР)
      Features of operation of the cars equipped каталитическим with the converter
      Features of driving in cross-country conditions
      Councils about economic driving
      Trailer towage
      Car towage
      Поддомкрачивание and wheel replacement
Current leaving and service
The engine
Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Power supply systems, managements of the engine/decrease of toxicity of the fulfilled gases and release of the fulfilled gases
Systems of an electric equipment of the engine
Five-step manual box of a gear change
Automatic transmission
Transmissionnaja line
Brake system
Suspension bracket and steering
Onboard electric equipment
Control кузовные the sizes
Schemes of electric connections

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Features of operation of the cars equipped with a manual box of a gear change (Manual transmission)

On cars considered in the present Management it is established 5-step Manual transmission. The gear change lever has a floor arrangement and is located on the bottom section of the central console.

At a gear change completely squeeze out a coupling pedal, and then slowly release it.

Manual transmission it is equipped by the mechanism preventing casual switching from the fifth transfer on transfer of a backing - for inclusion of last it is necessary to translate the gear change lever at first in position N.

Inclusion of transfer of a backing should be made only after a full stop of the car!

For the purpose of prevention of premature deterioration and damage of components of coupling it is not necessary to hold during movement a foot on a coupling pedal. Also it is not necessary to use a pedal of coupling for time deduction of the car on lifting, for example, at expectation of a resolving signal of a traffic light.

Before an exit from the car do not forget to cock a lay brake and to suppress the engine, with the subsequent installation Manual transmission on the first/reverse gear!

Recommended ranges of speed of movement on separate transfers are resulted in Specifications of the Head Controls and operation receptions. At their observance the car will smoothly move and to consume a fuel minimum quantity. For the purpose of increase of return of the engine, for example at overtaking or movement uphill, switching on the raised transfers can be made with a delay, i.e. at higher speeds engine movements/turns, - do not suppose calling of an arrow of a tachometre in allocated red a scale range.

At decrease in speed of movement to be switched to lowering transfer follows without waiting appreciable decrease in return of the engine. Timely switching on lowering transfer minimises risk останова the engine and provides demanded reception in case of need the subsequent dispersal. At movement on abrupt descent switching on lowering transfer helps to keep a safe high-speed mode and allows to prolong service life of components of brake mechanisms as much as possible.