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      Removal of air from a working path of system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel
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      Removal and installation of components of a steering drive
      Removal and installation of the steering pump
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The general information

The steering drive is organised under the scheme "trapeze" by means of the hydrostrengthened transfer of type the screw - a ball nut and an adjustable steering column.

The scheme of the organisation of a steering drive

1 — the Tip of steering draught
2 — the Counternut
3 — the Adjusting insert
4 — the Internal tip of the left steering draught
5 — the Connecting bar

6 — the Steering mechanism
7 — the Arm of the pendular lever
8 — a pendulum Spindle
9 — the Internal tip of the right steering draught
10 — the Pendular lever
11 — Soshka of the steering mechanism

The efforts arising between the screw and a nut of the steering mechanism, are transferred through a number of the circulating balls reducing a friction. The nut influences a shaft сошки through gear sector. Such design allows to receive the variable transfer relation.

Strengthening of a steering drive is organised at the expense of application of the hydraulic steering pump put in action from the engine by means of a belt drive and connected to the steering mechanism.