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      Removal and installation of a distributing box
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Distributing box

The general data

The distributing box serves for perception of a twisting moment from a target shaft of transmission and its distribution between wheels of back and forward axes of the car. In addition the box is equipped by the two-level reducer providing possibility of movement in raising (2Н and 4Н) and lowering (4L) modes. On equipped Manual transmission models the distributing box can be switched in neutral (N) a mode allowing free to make towage of an emergency vehicle.

The distributing box consists of assemblages of the entrance, intermediate, back target and forward day off of the shaft placed in the three-section aluminium case which forward cover приболчена it is direct to картеру transmissions. Besides a forward cover the case of a distributing box consists from картера and covers of a chain of a drive of a forward target shaft. Switching of modes of a distributing box is made by means of 4 (models with Manual transmission) / 3 (models with АТ) the item lever placing on the central console of the car behind the lever of switching of RKPP/SELECTOR AT, - the lever is connected by draughts with placed in a crater of a distributing box switching plugs.

Design of a distributing box (1 from 2)

1 — the Distributing box in gathering
2 — a switching Rod 2WD/4WD
3 — a bearing Cover

4 — the Rod of switching HI/LO
5 — a chain Cover
6 — Carter
7 — the Forward cover

Design of a distributing box (2 from 2)

1 — the Entrance shaft
2 — the Secondary (main) shaft

3 — the Intermediate shaft
4 — Assemblage of a forward drive