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Kia Sportage>> The engine>> Petrol models>> Removal and installation of a flywheel/privodnogo of a disk

Removal and installation of a flywheel/privodnogo of a disk

Details of installation of a flywheel/privodnogo of a disk

1 — a coupling Basket (Manual transmission) / the hydrotransformer (АТ)
2 — the Conducted disk of coupling (Manual transmission)
3 — the Flywheel/privodnoj a disk
4 — the Faceplate (АТ)
5 — the Back plate
6 — the Pallet картера

7 — Maslozabornik
8 — Maslootrazhatel
9 — the Back cover with an epiploon of a cranked shaft
10 — the Water pump
11 — the Oil pump with a forward epiploon of a cranked shaft
12 — Masloraspylitel


    At отпускании fixing bolts block a flywheel/privodnoj a disk from проворачивания by means of the special adaptation (see an illustration). Having removed a flywheel/privodnoj a disk, carefully wipe it, then examine on presence of cracks, задиров and other mechanical damages, - insignificant defects can be eliminated by means of a fine-grained emery paper, in case of more serious damages assemblage should be pierced, or to replace. Estimate a condition of teeths of a wreath of a flywheel/privodnogo of a disk. In case of need the gear wreath can be replaced by a way протачивания both knockings down by a chisel and installations new, - before landing to a flywheel/privodnoj the disk should be warmed up a new gear wreath to temperature 250 300 С.

The gear wreath is established by oblique edge to the engine.

    Temporarily fix a flywheel/privodnoj a disk on a cranked shaft and by means of measuring instrument DTI define size of its cross-section palpation. If the result of measurement exceeds size of 0.2 mm, a flywheel/privodnoj a disk it is necessary to give in проточку, or to replace, - limiting admissible depth проточки makes 0.5 mm.