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   The general information
   The external equipment and кузовные elements
      Removal, installation and adjustment of components of devices of clearing and windscreen washing
      Removal, installation and adjustment of components of devices of clearing and washing of back glass
      Removal and lattice installation обтекателя
      Removal and installation and cowl adjustment
      Removal and installation of bumpers
      Removal and installation of door rear-view mirrors
      Removal and installation of a folding arm of fastening of a spare wheel
      Osteklenie bodies - the general information
      Dismantling, removal, installation and adjustment of doors
      Design of a drive door стеклоподъемников
      Design of a drive of door-locks
   The salon equipment
Onboard electric equipment
Control кузовные the sizes
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Kia Sportage>> Body>> The external equipment and кузовные elements>> Removal and installation and cowl adjustment

Removal and installation and cowl adjustment

Removal and installation

Details of installation of a cowl

1 — the Hose of giving of a liquid of washing of a windscreen
2 — Loopy assemblage
3 — the Cowl
4 — Shumoizoljatsionnaja the panel

5 — the Emphasis
6 — the Rubber pillow
7 — the Lock
8 — the Cable отпускания latches


    Turn out four (on two from each party of a cowl) a loopy bolt and accurately remove a cowl from the car, - it will be reasonable to take advantage of the help of the assistant.
    Installation is made upside-down, - before definitively to tighten fixing bolts with demanded effort adjust a cowl in an aperture of an impellent compartment.



    Displacing a cowl concerning loopy laths, achieve its correct placing in an aperture of an impellent compartment, then tighten loopy bolts with demanded effort (19 26 Nanometers).
    Adjust also the lock of fixing of a cowl in the closed position for what release two bolts and one nut of its fastening and level assemblage concerning the drummer on a cowl. Having achieved demanded result, tighten fixture замковой assemblages with demanded effort (Specifications of the Head the Body see).