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The storage battery - the general information, recommendations about service

The general information

Established on the car 12-voltnaja the battery consists of six банок in which positive and negative plates (ламели), shipped in a solution of sulfuric acid are placed. The battery main task is production of the current necessary for осуществлениязапуска of the engine, ignition/activation of candles накаливания, illumination, and also for maintenance with a food of other onboard and auxiliary consumers of the electric power.

Absolute return of the battery takes place at an ambient temperature 27С. At-18S efficiency of return falls to 40 % and for realisation of start of the engine it is required in two with small time of more energy.

Starting capacity (starting current) shows ability of the accumulator to start the car in the conditions of cold weather. It shows a current in amperes which gives the accumulator within 30 seconds at-18S without a power failure below level in 7.2 In (a minimum level demanded for reliable start the engine). The above this indicator, the more starting capacity of the accumulator.

Reserve capacity shows time in minutes during which the accumulator gives a current force 25 And at temperature 27С, i.e. time during which the accumulator ensures functioning of all auxiliary devices in the car at night and in the conditions of the limited visibility at the faulty generator.

In winter conditions, at temperatures more low-18S efficiency of additional charge of the battery decreases in view of increase of internal resistance. At short trips in the winter the energy spent by the battery on start of the engine, has not time to be restored, the battery begins works on deterioration, being gradually discharged and, eventually, fails is irreversible.

In summer months at long trips the engine strongly heats up, and often happens that it is difficult for starting anew. For such "hot" starts sometimes it is spent not less energy, than in frosty weather. Told in a special measure concerns to высококомпрессионным to engines with the big working volume of cylinders, and also the models equipped with a central air of air.

Removal and installation


    Disconnect from the battery a negative wire.
    Release fixing nuts and remove a clamping lath.
    Disconnect from the battery a positive wire. Remove the battery from the pallet. Installation is made upside-down.

Acquisition of the new storage battery

Told above specifies in importance of correctness of a choice of the storage battery taking into account parametres of the engine and a vehicle complete set.

The first, on what it is necessary to pay attention at purchase of the new storage battery, these are its performance data. Such characteristics three.
The first
: NOMINAL TARGET PRESSURE which has identical value (12) for all batteries applied on cars that practically excludes probability of an error.

At purchase it is desirable to check up the battery a loading plug.

The second: the CAPACITY measured in Ampere-hours (Аh or Ach) and, roughly speaking, defining a stock of the electric power containing in the battery. On a choice of size of the given parametre depends, as long the battery will be capable to provide possibility проворачивания the engine with a starter, is more exact - how many it is possible to make attempts of start of the engine.

The price of the storage battery is almost directly proportional to its capacity.

And the third characteristic: the STARTING CURRENT measured in Amperes (), i.e. a current submitted on a starter at start of the engine. The size of a starting current on batteries can be specified under four various standards: GOST (for domestic accumulators), EN (the standard of Incorporated Europe), SAE (the American standard) and DIN (Germany). Last, German standard, is closest to Russian STATE THAT and on the majority of batteries of the European manufacture is put down "by default" i.e. when the standard system is not specified. The the starting current above, the the big turns develops a starter and to those больший it is capable to transfer a twisting moment to an engine flywheel.

In an ideal, the got replaceable battery on the performance data should correspond completely to the requirements specified in the maintenance instruction of the car, at which observance term of its service to the maximum. Hardly it is possible to consider acquisition of the battery of smaller capacity as good economy of money as it will serve much less and, besides, can be at the bottom of the troubles connected with start of the engine in a winter season. It is not necessary to get also the battery счрезмерно the big starting current, - such increase is interfaced with рискомвыхода out of operation a starter. If the standard battery does not provide due проворачивание the engine, will be more correct to begin with to make replacement of impellent oil, - that is faster всегоприведет to automatic elimination of a problem.

Lately the country market is overflowed by the poor-quality goods and fakes. Storage batteries also are not an exception. There are some signs on which it is possible with sufficient degree of probability to distinguish the original from a fake.
The first
and, perhaps, the main thing: on the battery case the country-manufacturer and factory-manufacturer should be necessarily specified, it is better, if with the address.
The second
: the date of issue should be specified that special value has for batteries of tight (unattended) type. The delivery complete set by all means should include characteristics sheet while instruction presence is not strictly obligatory that is connected by that in the West storage batteries practically do not arrive in retail, and their installation on the car usually is carried out by experts of car-care centre.
The third
: qualitative batteries differ good appearance. The case should have equal edges, to be equipped by reliable stoppers and the smooth, covered protective caps polar plugs which are quite often processed by special anticorrosive greasing.

Battery gymnastics

The gymnastics of the failed battery should be made according to instructions of manufacturers зарядного devices.