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Adjustment of seats and headrests

Position of seats and headrests

The design of seats of the car guarantees the maximum comfort to the person sitting in them, simultaneously providing conditions of the most effective performance of the functions with belts and safety pillows. Soft stuffing of pillows and backs provides additional protection of the driver and passengers in emergencies.

The choice of position of a seat also influences safety of the person sitting in it. For example, at excessive displacement of a forward seat the risk травмирования sitting at operation of a pillow of safety, and also risk of ejection through a windscreen forward increases at a head-on collision. Displacement of a driver's seat affects convenience of using controls during driving back.

The increase in an inclination of a back of a seat will worsen fixing of a body by a seat belt, - the more the back is rejected back, the above probability проскальзывания bodies of a belt sitting under zone section at strong front blow, and that is heavier the got traumas can.

Fix a forward seat in as much as possible removed (convenient for driving realisation) from a steering wheel/panel of devices position, a back result in vertical position.

Headrests prevent травмирование cervical department of a backbone and a head at blow behind. The headrest should be adjusted on height so that its top cut was flush with an upper edge of an ear sitting.

Adjustment of forward seats


    For moving of a forward seat to a horizontal plane, pull upwards the lever located under a first line of a pillow of a seat, then shift seat assemblage in the necessary position and release the lever. For check of reliability of fixing of a seat in new position try to shift it.
    For adjustment of an angle of slope спинкипереднего seats slightly bend forward, pull the lever located on an outer side of a seat, then lean back back in the necessary position and release the lever.
    On 3-door models (Cabriolet) for simplification of landing and disembarkation of back passengers it is necessary to cast away forward a back of a forward passenger seat, - pull upwards the lever located in the basis of a back from an outer side of assemblage of a seat, or press a pedal, from the back party of the same lever. Thus seat assemblage will be displaced forward, and its back will fall on a pillow, - do not forget to return a seat in a starting position.
    Back of a driver's seat it is in addition equipped by an adjustable lumbar emphasis. For a choice of optimum position of an emphasis turn the lever located on right боковине of the back. At поворачивании the lever forward the emphasis curve increases, and on the contrary.
    For поднимания a headrest simply pull it upwards; for lowering - press a clamp and lower a headrest.

Adjustment and folding of back seats


    For adjustment of an angle of slope of a back of a back seat slightly deviate back and pull for a stopper located outside in the basis боковины of a back. Lean back back on a demanded corner and release a stopper. On termination of adjustment make sure that the stopper has returned to a starting position.
    For increase in volume of a luggage space possibility of folding of a back seat is provided. Pull one hand upwards one of the clamps close to back headrests, the second hand combine corresponding section of a back forward, preliminary having cleaned from a pillow of a seat a seat belt, - in order to avoid damage of a clamp do not pull for it at back lowering. Operating in a similar manner, combine the second section of a back.
    Grasp both hands back edge of a pillow of the combined back seat and pull it upwards, translating a seat in close to vertical position. Take from special pockets in боковинах backs fixing cords and fix their loops on the heads equipped on racks B of a body behind анкерных of assemblages of seat belts of forward seats.