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Kia Sportage>> Five-step manual box of a gear change>> The general information

The general information

Design Manual transmission (1 from 2)

Design Manual transmission (2 from 2)

1 — the Lock ring
2 — the Persistent washer
3 — the Adjusting ring
4 — the Forward bearing
5 — Assemblage of a primary (entrance) shaft
6 — the Blocking ring of the synchronizer
7 — the Needle bearing
8 — the Cracker
9 — the Ball clamp
10 — a synchronizer Spring
11 — the Nave sliding муфты
12 — Sliding муфта the synchronizer
13 — the Gear wheel of 3rd transfer
14 — the Remote washer
15 — the Internal holder
16 — the Roller

17 — the Gear wheel of 2nd transfer
18 — the Gear wheel of 1st transfer
19 — the Secondary (main) shaft
20 — a reverse gear Gear wheel
21 — the Gear wheel of 5th transfer
22 — the Adjusting nut
23 — the Fixing ring
24 — the Persistent plate
25 — the Back bearing
26 — the Bolt with a washer
27 — the Holder
28 — the Intermediate shaft of a reverse gear
29 — the Lock plate
30 — the Intermediate gear wheel of a reverse gear
31 — the External holder
32 — counterpower shaft Assemblage

On all models considered in the present Management, both rear-wheel (4х2), and all-wheel drive (4х4), at a corresponding complete set it is established completely synchronised (including a reverse gear) a 5-step manual box of a gear change (Manual transmission) designs Getrag, providing possibility of inclusion of five lobbies and one back transfers.

In a box it is used four шестеренчатых a shaft: primary (entrance), secondary (main), контрприводной and intermediate a reverse gear. The forward end of a secondary shaft is entered into the needle bearing filled in a back pin of a primary shaft. At a choice of 4th transfer the nave sliding муфты the synchronizer provides direct mechanical gearing of primary and secondary shaft with the transfer relation 1:1. Thus, in constant редукторное gearing with a counterpower shaft five enter only геликоидальных gear wheels of a primary shaft: the first, the second, thirds, the fifth and back transfers.

Five gear wheels of a counterpower shaft are an integral part of the last and rotate together with it, perceiving a twisting moment from a primary shaft. Entered into constant gearing with a counterpower shaft of a gear wheel of a secondary shaft are planted on needle bearings that provides independence of their rotation till the moment of a choice of corresponding transfer. The intermediate gear wheel of a reverse gear also is planted on the bearing and has the fixed position on the to a shaft.

Established on assemblage of the central console in salon of the car the gear change lever is connected to an operating rod. The rod is passed in the top part of a face surface of back section картера Manual transmission and can be entered into gearing with one of three located inside картера the rods of switching equipped with plugs. Plugs of switching of each of internal rods, in turn, are entered into gearing with sliding муфтами corresponding synchronizers. The transfer choice is carried out by means of displacement demanded муфты by the plug in a direction of a gear wheel of corresponding transfer of a secondary shaft, thus the internal gear surface муфты carries out a role of the connecting link jointing a gear wheel with planted on шлицы of a shaft by a gear nave of the synchronizer.

All components of a transmission are placed in two-section aluminium картер a vertical joint into which forward section the lever of deenergizing of coupling and the gauge of position of a cranked shaft (CKP) are entered, in back section the gauge-switch of fires of a backing is located on all models. To a face part of back section картера Manual transmission rear-wheel models приболчен the lengthening case, on models 4'4 - картер a distributing box on which the gauge of speed of movement of the car (VSS) fastens.

In view of complexity of design Manual transmission, absence on free sale of necessary replaceable internal components and necessity of use of the special equipment, composers of the present Management do not recommend to owners of cars to carry out transmission major repairs independently. Repair Manual transmission in the conditions of a car-care centre workshop is enough expensive operation, in a kind of that, it makes sense to consider alternative variants of replacement of the failed block new or restored. Any helpful information on repair and transmission replacement can be received on firm HUNDRED companies KIA.

Without dependence from the chosen way of elimination of problems (repair or replacement), independent dismantle of a box from the car will allow to reduce material inputs essentially.