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The general information and safety measures

Before to leave the car without supervision, do not forget to take out a key from the ignition lock, to cock the lever of a lay brake, to close all windows and to lock all doors. To lock doors follows as well at movement of the car for prevention of their casual opening and also to exclude penetration into the car of extraneous people (for example, at a stop before a traffic light). By transportation children on a back seat block locks of back doors.

Do not leave children or animals in the closed car since the salon can strongly heat up and cause deterioration of their state of health or consciousness loss.

Before a start of motion make sure that the back door is densely closed since otherwise the unhealthy fulfilled gases can get to salon.

Considered cars are equipped by system of the uniform lock, allowing to lock and unlock all doors, operating with the lock of one of forward doors.

If the door is closed not completely, the corresponding precautionary lamp lights up.

Unlocking and lock-out of doors outside by means of a key


    Turn a key in the lock of a forward door counter-clockwise to lock all doors. For unlocking of doors turn a key clockwise. At lock-out of doors by means of a key the anticreeping system joins. The single signal of a horn testifies to its successful activation. For door opening unlock the lock and pull the external handle upwards.

Lock-out of doors outside without key use


    For lock-out of a door without key use press the button of deenergizing of the lock at an open door, then slam last.

Unlocking and lock-out of doors from within


    For door lock-out from within press the button of deenergizing of the lock.

At lock-out and unlocking of a driver's door all doors simultaneously are locked and open.

    For door unlocking from within pull the button upwards.

Additional blocking of locks of back doors


    Additional blocking of locks of back doors is intended for prevention of their opening by children being on a back seat.
    That the back door could not be opened from within, wring out downwards the lever of additional blocking located behind on the face party of door assemblage, then close a door.
    To open the back door locked thus, extend the button of deenergizing of the lock, then open a door for the handle outside.

Unlocking and lock-out of a door of a back

Models Versatile person Grand (without an arm of fastening of a spare wheel)


    For unlocking of a door of a back insert a key into its lock, turn it clockwise approximately on a quarter of a turn and cautiously lift a back door.

Models the standard Versatile person (with an arm of fastening of a spare wheel)

It is not necessary to throw back an arm with excessive effort, - the wheel fixed on it has big enough weight which inertia of movement is capable to damage a loopy clamp / the door panel.


    Pull for the handle отпускания the lock of an arm of fastening of a spare wheel, then cast away an arm, having taken away it from a door of a back before automatic operation of the clamp located on the bottom loop of an arm.
    Insert a key into the lock of a door of a back, turn it clockwise approximately on a quarter of a turn and cautiously lift a back door.

In order to avoid damage of the door panel as a result of blow about an arm of a spare wheel, preliminary make sure that last is reliably fixed in the cast away position.

    For отпускания a clamp wring out рычажок on петеле towards a door, simultaneously slowly closing an arm.
    For защелкивания the arm lock densely press the BOTTOM EDGE запаски, - pressing an upper edge of a wheel does not guarantee reliability of fixing of an arm that is interfaced to risk of spontaneous it откидывания during movement, the probability of damage of a door frame / back glass is not excluded also.

Models the Cabriolet


    Cautiously having pulled downwards and outside, separate from a back door the plastic mortgage of fastening of a bottom edge of the panel of a back window of demountable top.
    Insert a key into the lock of a door of a back, turn it clockwise approximately on a turn quarter, then open a door, having pulled it on itself for the handle.